Friday, March 7, 2008

Go to Pebble Creek for "skiing the way it used to be."

Pebble Creek rises 8,500 feet above the desert 25 miles southeast of Pocatello in the Caribou National Forest. It's a small mountain that skis big, with long runs and steep drops.

The snowriding community here is a tightly knit group that really cares about their mountain. Ask a local about Pebble Creek and they will tell you it's "skiing the way it used to be." Manager Mary Reitman and her staff will go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to get the most out of your experience.

The locals will also tell you "If you can ski Pebble Creek you can ski anywhere." My advice is to hook up with a local like Mike Wade, a railroad engineer from Pocatello. Mike is 62 and he's been skiing Pebble Creek since he was 6.

I couldn't imagine a better representative for Pebble Creek. He showed me the best the mountain had to offer, accompanied with a narrative of the mountain's history from a personal point of view. We skied until our legs were rubber and wolfed down chili and the mountains famous homemade French fries.

Pebble Creek's 2,200 feet of vertical on 1,100 acres offers plenty of terrain variety for every skill level. Plus, the old beginner double lift has been has been converted to a triple chair that on busy days really cuts down on waiting in the beginner area.

The mountain does feature a large amount of expert and advanced trails. Pebble Creek is also known for its easy access to excellent backcountry terrain. For overnight adventurers, the Idaho State University Outdoor Program operates a system of yurts behind the mountain and to the north.

After meeting the challenge of Pebble Creek, soothing therapy awaits in Lava Hot Springs. Natural volcanic mineral baths are located at the base of lava cliffs in this town filled with charm and Western hospitality. In nearby Pocatello, you'll find major hotels and restaurants. Both towns are just 25 minutes from the slopes.


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