Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Winter has been awesome, but just wait…

Imagine having the best of all worlds: bright sunshine, beautiful mountain panoramas—and plenty of soft, sugar-white snow. Spring is just around the corner in Idaho and that means the best is yet to come.

Spring turns the events and festivals up a notch in the mountains. In fact, one of the biggest mountain resort events in North America happens in Sun Valley in a few weeks with 48STRAIGHT and the grand finale of the Jeep King of the Mountain Tour. Learn more about this big time event in this issue.

We’ve also got features about a few places you probably haven’t been but should: McCall’s Little Ski Hill and Pomerelle—a powder magnet in the Albion Valley. And as usual, we’re your clearinghouse for all the mountain events and best lodging deals.

A record snowpack in Idaho has set things up beautifully for the best Spring skiing in the country. Warmer temperatures and clearer skies will give you firm, fast groomers in the morning and buttery corn in the afternoon. Just follow the sun—and wear your sunscreen. The UV’s at altitude are intense!

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