Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Ski Hill is a lot of fun

As advertised, The Little Ski Hill is exactly that. But while this small community hill lacks quantity it makes up for it in quality, with wide-open slopes and excellent grooming. It’s also the only place within a hundred miles where you can go night skiing.

To get there, take Highway 55 North three miles northwest from McCall. The Little Ski Hill is located on the left side of the road. It lies in the shadow of its big time big brother Brundage Mountain, but it was here first. It’s been around longer than every ski area in Idaho except Sun Valley and Lookout Pass. The Payette Lakes Ski Club has maintained a non-profit organization status for the Little Ski Hill since 1937, when it was built as a winter diversion for local forest workers.

The ski area is still run by volunteers whose goal is to make skiing and snowboarding lifetime sports for all ages. The Payette Lakes Ski Club hosts a lot of fun events, including Friday family nights and Saturday telemark nights, plus clinics and races on the local, divisional and national levels for the McCall Ski Racing Team and McCall Nordic Ski Team.

There’s something for everyone at The Little Ski Hill. In addition to 25 T-bar served alpine trails, the area has more than 50K of groomed cross country skating lanes, touring trails, and a biathlon range. Best of all an XC trail pass is only $3!

Depending on what day it is, the Little Ski Hill usually has a pretty small crowd on the hill. Plus you can buy a whole season pass for the cost of a day pass at the some big time ski resorts.

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