Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This year Bogus Basin celebrates 65 years as Boise’s winter getaway. The mountain recreation area has been a non-profit, community-based ski area since it opened in 1942. It’s a large resort with a local feel that has it all: high speed lifts, night skiing, trees, bumps, double diamonds, cruisers, terrain park and great backcountry--all in a non-profit, affordable package.

It couldn’t be easier to join the Black Diamond celebration. The slopes are just 16.5 miles from Boise. The drive takes about 35 minutes. Book a room in Boise at participating hotels [link to http://www.boise.org/stayandplay/] in the mountain’s Stay and Play program and get two for one lift tickets for every night you stay.

With seven lifts and thousands of acres, Bogus Basin is a great mountain fit for any type of skier, whether you like your snowriding long and leisurely or difficult and challenging. Take time to explore. Hook up with a local and ask for a trip OB and down "Chair 7" or through the infamous Triangle or Waterfall/911 areas on Pine Creek.

Enthusiasts agree the place to check out is The Face--several hundred acres of steep black and double diamond terrain, peppered with widely spaced trees, cliffs and cornices. Hike to the very top above Superior and follow the crest to cornices, cliffs and deep Idaho’s signature powder snow.

Beginners enjoy Silver Queen for hill skiing and Cabin Traverse for trail skiing. Lift 5 is great for intermediates, with gentle slopes interspersed with trails. For kids, there’s a mountain full of hidden "jump trails" to enjoy. Just ask a local where they are, and make sure you keep up.

If you like long cruisers, Pine Creek is the place to go. With one of the longest chair lifts you will ever ride. Spend all day there and always find places you haven’t been.

Do it all. You’ll find the best of the Idaho winter at Bogus Basin.


Eight things every skier and rider must do at Bogus Basin:

1. Check out the view of the valley from the top of Deer Point chair #1. Take a picture to send to your friends and family to make them jealous.

2. Eat an order of our famous bodacious chili cheese fries...yummy...

3. Enjoy mountain views from Pioneer Lodge, spectacular at night

4. Go night skiing or riding, a magical experience during a full moon. Chair 3 is open at night and it's your own private Idaho on the backside at night.

5. Scope at the action at any of our 3 terrain parks: the Sunshine terrain park (for beginners and young kids) off of Morning Star #2; or the Playground and Claim Jumper parks off of Deer Point #1 (for intermediate to expert freeriders)

6. Sit by the gas fireplace at the Frontier Point Nordic Center

7. Ride the Pepsi GoldRush Tubing Hill for a different kind of thrill

8. Free popcorn every day at 4pm in Simplot Lodge-just follow the aroma and help yourself!


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