Tuesday, January 8, 2008


David Schor calls himself a philosopher and musician by education, and a jack-of-all trades. He’s also a licensed Universal Life Church minister. But most of all, he’s a snowboarder.

David has been able to do what most of us have only dreamed of doing. Accompanied most often by his dad, in the winter of 2005-06 he rode every mountain in Oregon. Last winter he checked off all the Washington hills. This winter he’s in the process of bagging every Idaho resort.

You can get a day-by-day update of his progress online at http://skiid.blogspot.com

“I am a licensed minister,” he said, “However, church, in the traditional sense, has never been a big part of my life. In my case, 'church' is as I see fit to make it.”

The past several winters David’s church has been the mountains. His “Ski Idaho Challenge” is the final portion of his “Northwest Ski Challenge” trilogy. So far this winter he’s visited Snowhaven, Cottonwood Butte, Little Ski Hill, Silver Mountain, Lookout Pass, Schweitzer, Payette Lakes, Brundage and Tamarack.

As far as his ministry, his approach is simple.

“Do that which is right,” he said. “Do that which is left! Love is the key. There is much to be learned in life, and we ought to help each other learn.”

We asked him how Idaho compares with Oregon and Washington so far. Ultimately, it’s the snow.

“The most striking difference is the superb quality of the snow in Idaho,” he said. “Both Oregon and Washington have much more moisture in their snow, particularly in the Cascades. It is rare to get truly light, dry, snowball-proof snow in the Cascades, but so far it seems to be the norm from what I have seen in Idaho. With this light, dry powder, lines that would be chopped up ice in Oregon or Washington become pleasantly smooth and effortless powder puff in Idaho. I have found great variety of terrain in Idaho as well, from family-friendly cruising and trees at Lookout Pass to big-mountain cruisers and steeps at Schweitzer. The local T-bar hills have been a blast as well, each boasting large expanses of powder with much less traffic than the larger resorts.”

David’s plans include checking off all the Idaho hills by mid-January. Who knows, you could even meet him on a chair somewhere. Chances are, you already have. The guy is everywhere.

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